Why Are Gift Cards the Best for the Holidays?

The holiday season is near and the crazy gift shopping period is upon us. Do you ever wonder what your family members would really appreciate? Have you ever received a very useless gift that you end up throwing away, or worst, giving as a gift to someone you don’t actually like? Well, this year, no more stressing and wondering; gift cards are the solution! I know, I know, it might seem boring or generic, but getting a person you love a gift card from her favorite store that will give her the flexibility to choose something she will truly cherish is all worth it.

A good way to make it a little bit more personal and thoughtful is creating a special gift card presentation. You can try this printable version we found on I Heart Naptime or go to Pinterest for more amazing ideas!

Still unsure recipients want gift cards? A report from the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization showed that gift cards were the most popular gift pick in 2015. The survey also revealed that 70 per cent of buyers prefer giving gift cards instead of cash because they feel like recipients will more likely to spend it on something special for themselves.

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