3 Reasons to Use Gift Cards in Human Resources

The labour market is constantly evolving. Today’s workforce is unique, and human resource professionals are always analyzing the trends that influence their staff, to meet their needs and maximize their performance. More and more, employees focus on work-life balance and expect stimulating and positive work environments. That’s why it’s crucial, more than ever, to establish practices that promote wellbeing and boost motivation, whether it be as a hiring tactic, or to keep existing staff engaged. Gift cards are used by many HR departments as part of their overarching strategy to offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

Talent Acquisition Incentives

Employees are the most valuable asset of a company. It’s therefore crucial for recruiters to attract qualified staff during the hiring process. With a multitude of opportunities at their fingertips, modern job seekers have a wide array of options in their search for employment. As such, human resource managers have to be creative in their recruitment process, to attract and hire the best employees. Offering gift cards to qualified candidates to take part in an interview or an evaluation is a great way to stand out as an employer. This simple technique will deliver an important return on investment in the long run, as it helps secure competent staff from the onset, by increasing the number of qualified applicants to choose from.

Employee Wellness Programs

Many correlations exist between the health of employees and their performance levels. More and more human resource experts are launching wellbeing programs in the workplace to support this reality. Often set up to reward employees once they reach a goal, these programs benefit the overall health of the staff, while being simple to manage. Gift cards are one of the most popular type of reward and are 25% more effective than cash in ensuring the success rate of employees who take part in the wellness challenges.

Loyalty and Employee Reward Programs

Employee retention within an organization is also a top priority of human resource teams. By developing a gift card rewards program, it’s simple to highlight the efforts of the best employees and to boost everyone’s motivation. By creating a dynamic work environment, it’s easier to keep model employees and, by default, retain a company’s corporate know-how.

The use of gift cards by human resource specialists is a sound choice, no matter what strategy is being implemented. It simplifies the management of employees, increases satisfaction and performance levels within the staff, and is easy to implement. Contact Gift Card Warehouse to launch your custom program today!