3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Corporate Swag with Gift Cards

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Gone are the days of corporate swag! Society has changed, creating a new generation of employees, partners and customers who favour practical and personalized gifts or rewards. Instead of using your recognition budget on overpriced mugs and pens, consider gift cards. Over 43% of Canadians prefer receiving them compared to any other form of reward, so they’re a wise choice. Here’s why corporate swag isn’t your best option in today’s landscape.

It’s Not Useful

Let’s face it. Most people already possess the corporate items they require in their day-to-day. Over time, they assemble the things they prefer or ask their employer as needs arise. When looking to reward others, opt for gift cards instead! They’ll be used to buy the goods and experiences people truly want.

It’s Not Personal

Another thing corporate swag lacks is individuality. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, you can carefully select gift cards for each employee/customer/partner to refine the experience and make them feel appreciated. Slip them in a personalized hand-written card for extra oomph. People truly notice those kind attentions.

It’s Not Memorable

Gift cards guide the recipient into a purchasing experience they’ll remember, whereas swag usually gets dumped in a drawer and forgotten about. To make a lasting impression on those you want to thank, opt for the obvious choice!

It’s (Usually) Not High-Quality Products

Often, corporate gadgets look interesting, but break after a few usages. Not only is this unfortunate for the recipient, it’s also a waste of precious financial resources for the donor. Invest in something that is worthwhile for all—everyone will be happy!

To make a real statement, select gift cards. Your people will feel valued and appreciated. With over 200 retailers to choose from, Gift Card Warehouse is Canada’s number one distributor. Connect with us today to place your order—we’ll fulfill it rapidly and efficiently.