3 Things Your Customers Really Want

Client and cashier smiling

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Business standards are always evolving. Companies who remain in-the-know about client expectations and satisfaction trends systematically attract new customers and retain existing ones. Consumers want brands to demonstrate leadership and are quick to voice their wishes and concerns. As such, it’s crucial to adopt certain best practices to get ahead of the curve and stay relevant. Here are three things your patrons expect!

Humanized Customer Engagement

This is the age of constant connection. Because of technology like smartphones and Wi-Fi, people expect their communications to be answered promptly. In fact, 82% of consumers look for an immediate response (10 minutes or less) on marketing or sales questions. In the era of live chats and ultra-reactive businesses with dedicated liaison agents, it’s important to factor this into your customer satisfaction strategies. To do so, be online and interact with people directly. If they touch base on social media, reply as soon as you get the notification. If they tag you in posts, acknowledge and thank them. If they leave a review, respond. If they send you an email, avoid generic messages from “” accounts. Show your customers that your company is composed of real humans who care! If issues arise, act rapidly, and maintain the relationship by offering gift cards as compensation.


Another unavoidable component to master as a modern company is inclusivity. Celebrate and represent diversity in your marketing and hiring practices, be culturally sensitive and do so year-round. Customers are very quick to identify brands who are performative and have less and less tolerance for it. Have these discussions with your staff and management, don’t hesitate to survey clients, and look at what your competitors are doing (but remain original and authentic).


Consumers not only enjoy rewards, but they also expect them. Most brands have loyalty programs, “bring-a-friend” events, customer appreciation days, etc. Stay up to par by regularly showing your patrons you value their repeat business or celebrate them as a new client. Use gift cards, as they are loved by all, versatile and practical from an administration standpoint. Since you know your people best, always craft a custom in-house program and avoid generic pre-made ones. This extra attention will go a long way.

Good news is these methods are rather simple to implement. Meet with your HR and management teams to set forth these initiatives. Contact us to rapidly obtain gift cards and see customer satisfaction levels soar!