Social Distancing and Daily Expenses, How Gift Cards Can Help

As the COVID-19 outbreak sweeps the world by storm, Canadians are faced with unprecedented times. The situation is rapidly evolving, and critical measures are adopted by officials daily to protect citizens. Whether you’re a non-profit organization, a government department, or a company that is affected by this global pandemic, your employees and those who rely on your services are likely in need more than ever. Already, the use of gift cards is proving to be highly effective in society, for a variety of reasons.

Social Distancing Made Easy

The message by health professionals is clear: stay home if you can and practice social distancing. As repatriated Canadians flock back to the country by the thousands, now is a critical time to apply these measures. A simple way to respect these guidelines while still having access to basic commodities is to use gift cards online and have goods delivered or picked up curbside. By staying cocooned, people can better protect themselves. Retailers such as Amazon and Walmart are prime examples. Because they offer kitchen staples and/or fresh produce amongst other things, they allow the most vulnerable to avoid supermarkets while stocking up on necessities. Families with children can also rely on this technology to adapt to school closures. Books, board games, arts and crafts materials and the like can be ordered from retailers such as Chapters and Archambault. Additionally, home workout and wellness essentials can be purchased from stores such as SportChek to sustain a healthy lifestyle throughout these stressful times. As you continue to support your employees and clientele, distributing gift cards from these retailers can make a tremendous difference.

Electronic Payment Methods Favoured

Cash is known to carry a lot of bacteria and viruses and can be a vector for spreading infectious diseases. While this is always true, now is a time to be extra cautious to reduce the risks of transmission in society. Already, some stores are adopting safety measures while handling money, and some are refusing it altogether. All Gift Card Warehouse products allow to bypass this issue. They are directly from the retailers, are new and straight out of the packaging. They have never been in circulation, having passed through many hands. Just like cash, they have no expiration dates and no setup or dormancy fees. Furthermore, they can help protect store workers as consumers handle the cards themselves, thereby reducing the risks of cross-contamination. If you want to make sure your staff and clients are shielded even more during this critical time, consider gift cards.

Gift Cards to Support Philanthropy

Already, there is an uptick in companies who are purchasing gift cards to help their employees during this uncertain time, where shifts have been reduced or cancelled altogether. This also applies to non-profit organizations and government departments who assist the most vulnerable, especially since it’s difficult to find volunteers at the moment. Grocery gift cards from retailers such as Sobeys, Food Basics or Super C are having an enormous impact as more and more individuals are struggling to make ends meet. The same is true for pharmacies like Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart, as people still need access to medication and health-related items. Amidst all of this frenzy, it’s nice to see that some businesses are choosing to be community and social leaders who are supporting not only the public, but the economy.

As the crisis progresses, Gift Card Warehouse remains committed in its quest to assist as many companies and aid groups as possible. We have put strict protocols in place to protect our own employees and are equipped to process orders rapidly and efficiently. If you need to act fast to help those who depend on you, we will work with you relentlessly to make it happen. We’re all in this together!