An Introduction to Fundstream Fulfillment

Fundstream Fulfillment process : Order, Fundstream Fulfillment, receive your physical or electronic gift card

Every business is unique. At Gift Card Warehouse, we understand that and strive to accommodate the needs of our clients, whatever that looks like. We are continuously modernizing and optimizing our offering to be the best bulk gift card acquisition platform for self-serve use, a solution that is suitable for most. However, some gift card purchasers require a higher level of fulfillment services, and that’s ok! That’s why Fundstream, our parent company, provides a more comprehensive fulfillment solution.

Why Opt for Gift Card Rewards?

Before we delve into Fundstream’s gift card fulfillment solution, it’s worth reviewing why more and more, management teams distribute gift cards to their customers, employees and partners. A practical tool, they require little orchestrating from a time and resource perspective, yet they respond to various business needs, such as:

  • Loyalty Program Rewards
  • Peer Recognition Rewards
  • Employee Meal Plans
  • Customer Retention Rewards
  • Survey/Feedback Incentives
  • Complaint Resolution Rewards
  • Charity Disbursements
  • Marketing Incentives
  • Referral/Affiliate Commissions
  • Payment Disbursements
  • Sales Incentives

But some businesses don’t have an extra set of hands to take on such tasks or require a more complex and tailored program to address their needs. That’s where fulfillment services can come in handy.

Fundstream Fulfillment – the Benefits

No matter your end goal, our offering is packed with various features to help you achieve your program objectives with ease. Here are some of the key highlights that keep our customers satisfied:

  • Huge selection of Canadian brands
  • Rebates/Discounting
  • Phyiscal and digital gift cards together in one API
  • White label direct-to-customer shipping
  • Inventory-free, on-demand purchases
  • Error-free and rapid fulfillment
  • On-demand printing of customizable inserts
  • Bilingual platform and services
  • Developer technical support

As always, we’re happy to guide you into crafting the best custom gift card program. If Fundstream Fullfillment seems right for you, contact us to learn more or to get started!