Boost Employee Happiness – Celebrate Your Teams

People smiling

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

In the past 20 years, workplace customs have changed entirely. Talent acquisition and employee retention are at the forefront of human resources priorities as organizational loyalty consistently dwindles down. Years of service rewards programs that used to be relevant have essentially become obsolete, as the average tenure for salaried employees is of about four years, with older individuals typically staying longer than their younger counterparts. As such, management teams must rethink their strategies from the onset and gift cards are the best solution to keep the workforce happy.

Recognize Employees on Their First Day

If you want to make a real statement about workplace culture, start on day one! Develop onboarding practices that make people feel welcomed and make it the norm. Instead of simple introductions to colleagues and job-related training, carve a special time for new employees. If possible, plan a short meet-and-greet with coffee and snacks, express how happy you are that so-and-so has joined your team, and treat them to a gift card. Have your staff engage in relaxed discussions to create a climate of camaraderie. If working remotely, have a similar exchange, but have a care package delivered to your employee. No matter the format, this type of practice will leave a lasting and memorable impact on newbies and is worth the resources.

Celebrate Various Milestones and Contributions

Another great way to make your staff feels appreciated is to celebrate their victories, in all forms, regularly. Instead of focusing solely on performance indicators, think outside the box. Reward employees for pro-social contributions such as leadership and innovation, and not exclusively for more traditional milestones like years of service or sales targets. If your teams work on projects, break them down into clusters and recompense them more frequently and not only at the end. This type of approach will give your staff sustained motivation and each gift card will boost their productivity levels, and yours by default.

Surprise Employees, Just Because

Treating employees randomly is also a fun way to keep them excited about your workplace. Someone just bought a new house? A home improvement card will make them smile. A team member just got engaged? A nice restaurant outing to celebrate will show you genuinely care. By creating an environment where work-life balance is at the core of your leadership practices, your staff will be happier and likely to stay within your organization for longer.

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