Coordinate a Company-Wide Order for The Holidays

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

The clock is ON! There are only a few weeks left until the holidays. If you haven’t yet planned your gift-giving initiative for the year, it’s time to do so. Of course, it doesn’t have to be complex. Thanks to gift cards, you can treat everyone effortlessly, no matter the size of your business. You can also choose various denominations to suit your budget. Here are some tips to make your people feel valued and knock this out of the park.

Personalize the Experience

Along with your management and HR teams, craft a list of your personnel and determine who loves what. Taking the time to refine your gift card selection can be a great way to show people you care. With hundreds of retailers to choose from, you’ll find the PERFECT present for everyone. You can go a step further and slip them into wishes cards with individual messages or cute boxes for an added punch.

Plan a Holiday Celebration

If possible, carve some time to celebrate! Whether in person or online, with a theme or as a team-building event, there are lovely ways to boost your people’s spirits! It’s been a peculiar year, so it’s extra relevant to nurture everyone this season. Have fun, unwind, and disconnect from the rigmarole.

Highlight People’s Contributions

Bring a human touch to the experience by thanking people, individually if possible, so that everyone feels appreciated. Humour and lightheartedness can heighten the moment for all, so try to incorporate them if appropriate. Distributing your gift cards as you highlight individual contributions can really elevate things as a whole. Rewards and recognition always go a long way.

Finish the year on a strong note by following these tips. Your staff is the soul of your company and proper emphasis should be placed on rewarding them. If you don’t yet have an account, sign up today. We’ll take good care of you and your people.