Gift Card Distributors: What Are They?

More than ever, gift cards are at the center of everyday life. Used in loyalty programs, to incentivize employees, or to influence consumer behaviours, they’ve become anchored in modern culture and shape socio-economic trends. It’s no surprise that corporations of all sizes strategically use this tool to respond to industry demands. In 2019, the global gift cards market was valued at approximately 358 billion U.S. dollars and is forecast to reach a value of 510 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. With so many options around, purchasing gift cards from a distributor is a sure way to simplify the process and to maximize desired outcomes, relying on professional advice and benefiting from a tailored approach.

Gift Card Selection

Where to begin? In a sea of vendors and online platforms, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the options. Purchasing directly from various retailers can become a cumbersome affair that requires extensive research and engagement. To save time, money and resources, most companies partner with a third-party aggregator. In doing so, they have access to a large selection of gift cards without having to do the leg work. Furthermore, these distributors are constantly looking for new offerings, negotiate deals to offer rebates to their customers, and can recommend gift cards that may otherwise have been missed by purchasing managers.


In today’s fast-paced market, time is a valuable commodity. By streamlining their gift card procurement, companies can focus on what matters: their business, employees and clients. Being able to order everything at once, from the same source, is a no-brainer. Plus, many distributors, like Gift Card Warehouse, offer different fulfillment options that make life easier. Need different gift card orders packed separately? Sure! Need custom denominations on key retailers? No problem. The versatility optimizes the whole process.

Customer Service

Receiving a helping hand when it’s needed most is important. Gift card distributors know the business inside out and have contacts and connections to the industry in general. Being experts, they support their clients, represent their interests, and assist if issues arise. When running large-scale programs, it’s reassuring to know that a professional is orchestrating the logistics in a harmonious manner.

Odds are that you’re already benefiting from the services of a distributor without even knowing it, as most retailers use their services for their gift card fulfillment. If it’s your turn to launch a gift card incentive program, contact us today to be well supported from day one!