Gift Cards as a Better Option for Food Banks

Recognized worldwide for its exceptional quality of life, Canada is a nation of peace, wealth and opportunity. Unsurprisingly, it’s continuously rated amongst the top countries to inhabit. Most of its citizens have access to adequate resources and enjoy comfortable living conditions. However, this isn’t the case for all. Although the majority of Canadians see their basic needs met, some are burdened by food insecurity and poverty. While opening a full refrigerator or savouring a restaurant meal may seem available to all, it isn’t. Some underprivileged people battle with this reality daily and must rely on the help of social assistance organizations to survive.

The Facts About Food Insecurity

In Canada, one in eight households lacks sufficient healthy food regularly. Thankfully, community organizations such as food banks offer much-needed support to battle this affliction. The pool of people requiring theses services is varied. From full-time employees to families with kids, no one demographic encapsulates the exact mix of impoverished individuals. Over 30% of clients are children, contrary to popular belief. Aid programs are therefore a collective necessity—one that reinforces the spirit of helping one another out that Canada is so affectionately known for.

Food Banks to the Rescue

Dignity is at the forefront of social services. Whatever the situation may be, the goal is to focus on remedies to empower individuals and equip them with tools to rise above. By offering items such as kitchen staples, home essentials, clothing and toiletries to those in need, food banks help alleviate core issues, thus permitting people to direct their energies towards problem solving. In synergistic fashion, building blocks are lain to form a solid foundation in the quest for favourable and dignified life conditions.

How Gift Cards Streamline Food Bank Operations

As the adage states, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” As much as short-term assistance is sometimes required, most community groups strive to transfer lasting skills to their clientele. More and more, food banks are relying on gift cards as opposed to direct donations such as baskets to satisfy the demands. In doing so, those in need can take over their budgets and can stretch the funds by cooking fresh or frozen whole ingredients at home. Because most charities receive nonperishable items from donors, it limits the variety of nutritious provisions available. Furthermore, as most organizations rely heavily on the implication of volunteers, the distribution of gift cards reduces operational overhead. Warehouse space and inventory management can be minimized, all while offering flexible solutions to accommodate diverse needs. Finally, it makes financial sense. Because gift cards can be purchased in bulk at a discount, administrative teams can invest those cost savings into other areas of their programs.

In a country as prosperous as Canada, everyone should have a dignified existence—not just a certain pocket of the population. Help your food bank visitors boost their self-esteem and build a successful future by simplifying your food bank management with gift cards.