Happy Holidays from the Gift Card Warehouse Team

As we enter the merry season, our team sincerely wishes you joy, rest, and recharging. Even though this year was unpredictable and challenging, we all banded together. As we approach the holidays, it’s a great time to reflect on our victories and what’s to come. As we scan the horizon at Gift Card Warehouse, we have clear goals and look forward to tackling each one with passion and dedication. We will use this time to charge our batteries surrounded by family and friends, and hope you do the same. In doing so, we can all return in 2022 with a renewed sense of energy. On our end, we plan on doing the following:

Continue Being an Industry Leader

As always, we’re dedicated to being the best at what we do! As such, we’ll remain in-the-know and support the use of gift cards as incentives in Canada, so it continues growing. We’ll actively scan the market, understand the trends, and offer relevant products our customers love and want. That’s a promise!

Add New Brands

Additionally, we’ll develop new partnerships to expand our impressive list of retailers, thus keeping things fresh and exciting for our clients. We want to offer the best selection in the country, year after year, and will work relentlessly to do so.

Add New Features

Furthermore, we’ll keep refining our process to improve on customer experience. We’ll use data extrapolated from satisfaction surveys to develop functionalities that genuinely reflect what people desire!

We remain available to serve you, so don’t hesitate to touch base for any last-minute needs. As always, it will be a pleasure to assist you. If you’ve already completed your orders for the year, thank you. We look forward to connecting with you in 2022 and wish you all a truly wonderful holiday season.