2020 Holiday Gift Card Guide for Companies

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time for company leaders to craft their gifting strategies while adapting to unusual and trying times. Deep-rooted traditions have never been so profoundly shaken and the season of giving won’t be any different. With a high percentage of people working remotely or self-isolating for safety reasons, habitual office potlucks or happy hour mingles with clients won’t be possible this year. However, the need for connection and recognition is still very real, even crucial under the circumstances. Gift cards are a top choice this year, as they require little to no physical handling and allow recipients to acquire the things they truly need or appreciate. Here is our curated 2020 Holiday Gift Card Guide, developed to support management teams in making informed and relevant choices in line with their business needs.

Gift Cards That Can Be Redeemed in All Provinces and Territories

Some companies have employees and clients spanning across Canada, a fact that must be considered when procuring gift cards. Here are the most popular choices for those with a pan-Canadian network:

Gift Cards That Can Be Redeemed Online

Especially relevant in the Covid-19 landscape, gift cards that can be redeemed online are huge this year. Companies can use this tool to reward employees and clients, while demonstrating strong consideration for current realities. As people cozy up over the holidays, they can use gift cards in the comfort of their homes in a few simple clicks. Not sure which cards to buy? Using free online survey tools ahead of time could help determine what your people truly want. Here are the most popular options according to our data:

Gift Cards of Small Denomination

This is particularly useful for last-minute gifts, or for large companies wanting to offer a small gift to every employee. It’s a cost-effective way to show employees and clients that they’re valued and appreciated. As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” Gift cards in the following amounts can go a long way and send positive messaging:

As always, Gift Card Warehouse is committed to helping companies of all sizes and sectors find suitable options for their gift-giving needs. Create an account for free today and let’s get you set up in time for the holidays!