How to Motivate Your Employees at the End of Summer Vacations

At the end of summer, vacations come to an end and the work routine starts again. During this period, we often observe a decrease in motivation for some employees. An interesting avenue to keep employee performance at its peak is to start an employee motivation program to encourage your team to keep going and even boost the momentum at the end of summer.

This is where rewards in the form of gift cards come into play. They’re a proven source of motivation for employees, since they’re a very effective incentive, especially in a work environment. There are many ways to organize and structure an employee motivational program. You can define the program goals as needed to achieve desired results, and which gift card rewards to give when said goals are attained. The possibilities of how to put in place your recognition program are endless, and you can easily adapt it according to your business' scale or your number of workers.

Also, know that for every employee there is an appropriate gift card reward to offer. Choosing the gift card reward value is at your discretion, so you could choose to give more cards with lower denominations, or only a couple of cards but with higher values. You have access to more than 205 canadian retailers (complete list of retailers here) in various categories like apparel, gas stations, grocery, restaurants, health, beauty and specialty stores, sports, leisure and even travel. It will be even more motivating for employees with families during this period with all the back to school supplies to buy very soon and the extra dollars they will have to spend.

With Gift Card Warehouse you’ll certainly find the gift cards that will be best for your team, no matter how you build your reward program. With a little planning and enthusiasm this employee motivation initiative is sure to bring success and results for your business!