How to Use Gift Card Rewards to Regain and Retain Customers

Many businesses have been hit hard this year. As marketing teams scramble to develop effective COVID-19 strategies, the marketplace is inundated with various consumer promotions. Competitors all equally attempt to recoup losses incurred during the crisis while trying to stand out. Studies show that reward-based promotions, which encourage purchases or action, outperform discount-based promotions, which reduce spending at point of purchase. A great way to engage with lost customers or to stimulate brand fidelity is to reward clients with gift cards.

Develop Tailored Promotions

When crafting your promotions, it’s crucial they reflect the specific circumstances of your business. The nature, size and dynamics of your company are unique, and your customers will respond better if you develop custom solutions to entice them.

  • Car dealerships offering gas cards
  • Real estate agents offering home and garden cards
  • Fitness coaches/yoga teachers offering sports and leisure cards
  • Sales and account managers offering restaurant and coffee cards
  • Hair and makeup stylists offering beauty cards
  • Event planners/photographers offering department store cards

It’s never been easier to fine-tune marketing strategies with well-established gift card distributors like Gift Card Warehouse. With over 200 options to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect solution for your business.

Create a Buzz on Social Media

Nowadays, a solid social media presence is synonymous with success, but the content has to be appealing. Otherwise, it gets buried in the endless sea of online chatter. A sure way to draw attention to your business and create hype is to host regular contests with worthwhile prizes, such as gift cards. By doing so, existing customers feel valued, and prospects are intrigued. Contests let you hold the mic and give you a voice—one which your audience is likely to listen to. By remaining on the centre stage, consumers will subconsciously remember you next time they require your type of products or services. It’s an excellent return on investment!

As uncertainty keeps looming in the business world, now is the time to act! Not sure where to start? Sign up for free with Gift Card Warehouse today.