Make Your Employer Marketing Stand Out With Gift Cards

Photo by Keren Levand on Unsplash

Today’s employment landscape has evolved, and talent acquisition is now a strategic business function. Companies who adapt to this reality have a much better chance of finding skilled staff in a streamlined fashion. Because the competition is so fierce, it’s a component that simply can’t be ignored. There are 1.2 million businesses in Canada alone, so the need to dedicate time and efforts to employer marketing is obvious. Businesses who succeed well combine traditional practices with out-of-the-box strategies like using gift cards to attract candidates. Here are some tips to get you on the right track!

Craft Clear and Detailed Job Postings

According to LinkedIn, there are 7 tips for writing job posts that attract candidates:

  • 1. Keep It Concise: job posts with 150 words or fewer get candidates to apply 17.8% more frequently than job posts with 450 to 600 words.
  • 2. Be Careful of Getting Too Casual: candidates shown an extremely casual job description are 4x more likely to dislike the employer and 2 x-4x less likely to apply.
  • 3. Let Candidates Know What’s in It for Them: compensation, qualifications, and day-to-day details are highlighted as the most helpful parts of a job description.
  • 4. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Talking Up Your Company: candidates rate company culture and mission as less important, and rarely highlight them as helpful.
  • 5. Define Exactly What Success Looks Like: candidates find it extremely helpful to see specific metrics they should hit after one year on the job.
  • 6. Get Your Job Post Up Early in The Week: candidates view and apply most often on Mondays.
  • 7. Use Gender-Neutral Words for Greater Diversity: jmen apply to jobs they view 13% more frequently than women.

By factoring this and tweaking job posts accordingly, companies increase their chances of recruiting more candidates from the onset.

Use Multiple Recruitment Channels

Of course, the more job posts are disseminated across various channels, the more they gain visibility. There are many options, some free, some with costs. HR and management teams should carefully assess all avenues to determine the best course of action.

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are great for disseminating job postings. Their free built-in functions with robust job advertisement policies are set to offer employers a simple-to-use interface that reaches candidates effectively and fairly. There also exist large employment groups on Facebook in most major cities with tens of thousands of followers. Companies can link their advertisements in such groups to get more traction.

Employment Websites

Sites like and are well known in Canada, and job seekers are drawn to them when searching for work. As much as there are advertisement costs for businesses when using such options, the large pool of candidates makes it worthwhile.

Job Fairs and Campus Recruitment

Community events/groups, job fairs and campus recruitment are also great to connect with potential employees. Some have costs, while others may simply connect the right people together. Google and Facebook searches are good resources to find out what’s going on!

Attract Candidates With Gift Cards

Since many top organizations are well aware of the aforementioned strategies, an additional way to stand out that’s becoming increasingly popular with recruiting and head-hunting teams is by attracting prospects with gift cards. Businesses can encourage job seekers to apply and/or come to interviews by offering a reward in the form of gift cards, which is something people love. It’s also a great way to demonstrate a positive workplace culture right off the bat, plus it’s easy to orchestrate from an HR standpoint.

Ready to ramp up your talent acquisition efforts? Put these tips into practice and sign up for a free Gift Card Warehouse account. Our experts are there to counsel you every step of the way!