Reward Essential Workers Using Gift Cards

Essential workers making a heart shape with their hands

Photo by Rusty Watson on Unsplash

What a year! Everyone’s been impacted one way or another, but essential workers have relentlessly kept things afloat. Now that we’re finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to thank and celebrate them. Here are some simple yet meaningful options, such as using gift cards, to reward them.

Plan an Event

Now that restrictions are lifting across the country, connect your people together while respecting public health measures. Outdoor events like BBQs or ceremonies in the park are fun and safe. If your organization is large, consider developing a rotating schedule or creating pods by having multiple stations if you have space. Alternatively, check with local sports venues to plan friendly tournaments. Many establishments such as golf courses or community centres are open, so the options exist. If that’s not feasible, take advantage of virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, especially if you have teams all over. In that case, you could have lunch (and gift cards) delivered to every location and still host a common event. Whatever you choose, your staff or volunteers will feel valued, and that’s what matters.

Make It Personal

If possible, highlight individual contributions. Do so through short speeches and/or audiovisual presentations, even if it’s just a few words per person. To make people feel appreciated, honour them in front of everyone, surprise them with gift cards, and allow them to speak if they want. The more your teams bond from this experience, the more they’ll process the past year in a healthy manner.

Personalize the Gift Cards

To show people you really care, give everyone gift cards in the same amount, but tailor them to individual preferences. Ask supervisors to determine what each team member likes/is passionate about, and don’t forget to spoil them as well! Leading talent management and HR agencies are clear on this: trust comes from you knowing your employees (not just them knowing you). Since managers play a critical role in building trust, they can help foster strong relationships within your organization. Use that to everyone’s advantage and factor that in as you plan along.

Have Fun

Use humour, play music, and create a light atmosphere. Let your teams enjoy some down time during business hours, if possible. After the seriousness of this past year, people are in dire need of amusement, especially essential workers. Give them a renewed sense of hope and dynamism by allowing them to recharge collectively.

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