Say Thank You to Your Employees With Gift Cards

What a year this is! Across the globe and at home, people have had to adapt in many different ways. From a shift in socializing practices to reinventing work habits, almost all spheres of modern life have been impacted. Now more than ever, it’s time for businesses to support their staff, boost morale and show employees how valuable they truly are. As the colder months slowly creep in and uncertainty inundates the media, it’s critical for employers to roll up their sleeves, thus preventing fatigue and disengagement within their teams. As we know, “thank you” goes a long way and gift cards are the perfect tool to get the point across! Not only can they send a loud message of recognition to employees working remotely, but it’s also a fun and personalized way to underline the efforts of essential workers who have maintained a physical presence in the workplace these past months.

Here are our picks for the best gifts cards this season, in light of current events!

Employees working remotely? Why not spoil them with a Staples gift card! This way, they can create a comfortable and dedicated space in their home to feel organized and productive!—need we say more? This one is sure to make everyone on your team happy, especially the millennials!

Make sure your geeks and techies are happy with up-to-date home equipment by offering them a Best Buy gift card!

A good ol’ movie and a popcorn experience is sure to make your employees content. They’ll enjoy a fun evening on the town, or on your couch with Cineplex streaming, and simply unwind!

As Canadians travel domestically more than ever, gas cards are a great gift! Help you employees enjoy their weekend getaways even more.

Encourage your staff to cook delectable meals and try new recipes with a Metro gift card. Theme nights are always a fun idea!

Offer the gift of relaxation with a Bath & Body Works gift card. Nothing says “I value you” more than bath salts and candles!

Since renovating is all the hype this year, help your employees give their homes the TLC it needs with a Lowe’s gift card.

Your employees with mouths to feed will appreciate this one! Give them a break from cooking with an Ultimate Dining Card gift card!

Active employees perform better and are happier. Help your squad adopt a healthy lifestyle with a gift card from SportChek.

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