Three Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Sales Team

You manage a commercial sales team and growth is your expertise. But like all successful businesses, you understand that your employees are the key to your company’s success. A motivated workforce is the goal, and that’s why you highlight the performance of your sales force in a systematic way. By initiating a performance-based recognition program among your staff, you can stimulate their productivity, and reach those lofty sales targets that seemed unattainable. One of the most effective ways to implement an incentive program for your sales force is to use gift cards, but what’s the best way to implement such a program? Here are a few tips that will help make your sales recognition initiative a success.

1. Use A Multilayered Approach

Because each team is composed of employees with unique profiles and levels of performance, it’s crucial to develop a program that can satisfy everyone. In order to motivate all types of salespeople you manage, create several categories that don’t uniquely focus on revenues. For example, you could reward the employees who record the highest number of follow-ups with potential clients, in order to encourage good work ethic. This will allow your junior staff to gain confidence, without necessarily focusing on top line sales results. You could also highlight non-conventional methods used by your employees to gain new clients. By rewarding innovation and creativity, you will enrich the pool of techniques available to your team, and will encourage knowledge-sharing.

2. Create A Peer-Based Learning Forum

At the end of each quarter, take advantage of your gift card distribution to unite your sales team, and focus the spotlight on those who deserved a reward. To gain maximum benefits, ask these individuals to share their best business practices, the challenges they faced, and what they could have optimized to grow sales even more. By creating this networking opportunity, you allow all employees to receive ongoing in-house training, all while developing the leadership qualities of presenters. You’ll also reinforce desirable behaviours in your high performering sales people, by allowing them to reflect and self-analyuze their own performance.

3. Personalize The Incentives

To motivate your employees even more, let them select the type of gift card they desire. With the multitude of gift card retailers offered by Gift Card Warehouse, everyone will find something they like. This simple gesture shows that you value the specific needs of each member of your sales team and ensures proper buy-in on their part towards your sales recognition program.

By synchronizing your sales objectives with the efficient management, and motivation, of your sales force, you’ll create a stimulating work environment that will increase your employees’ sales performance just by using gift cards! If you still don’t have a sales recognition program, now’s the time to implement one, and Gift Card Warehouse will support you every step of the way!