Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Use Gift Cards to Drive Sales

The current state of the Canadian real estate industry is uncertain. After many years of bidding wars for every scrap of available land, real estate agents are now finding it a bit more difficult to sell every last piece of inventory. To stand out in a fast-changing and competitive industry, both developers and real estate agents need to continuously develop new strategies to keep those sales rolling in. One such strategy that is increasing in popularity is the use of gift cards as a purchasing incentive.

Purchasing Incentive for Home Buyers

Since the purchase of a new home is only one of the expenses consumers will inevitably encounter during their purchasing process, gift cards are a welcome incentive to offset all the costs associated with purchasing a property. Whether it be new appliances, furniture, decorative items or renovation materials, the list of necessities for new home or condo buyers is long and receiving gift cards will offer purchasers a feeling of relief since their financial burden will be reduced. With gift card incentives, it’s a win-win proposition no matter whether it’s a developer offering gift cards to boost initial sales pre-construction, or real estate agents offering gift card incentives to create a feeling of satisfaction among their clients.

Maintaining the Sale Price

In real estate, like with any investing, one hint of poor performance can lead to a negative feedback loop where confidence in the market evaporates leading to even more poor performance. Obviously, the real estate industry is keen to avoid this type of negative spiral.

One of the most obvious indicators of real estate industry performance is the aggregate price of different types of properties.

The best way to increase sales in a challenging market without lowering prices, and thus risking a negative feedback loop, is to offer gift card incentives to home buyers. This way, the person purchasing the property gets to save big, but the sale price won’t be reduced.

With Gift Card Warehouse, real estate agents can entice real estate buyers with gift cards from retailers like: Home Depot, RONA, Club Piscine Super Fitness, HomeSense, Kent, or Home Hardware, among others.

Sales Incentive Programs for Real Estate Agents

We’ve talked about incentivizing home buyers using gift cards, but what about motivating the real estate agents who are actually out there bringing in the sales? Gift cards are a fantastic option for a real estate sales incentive program. With over 15 years of experience and the largest selection of gift cards in Canada, Gift Card Warehouse is the partner of choice of efficient and innovative real estate sales teams.