Why Loyalty Programs Work (and How to Implement One)

Loyalty programs are popular and well implemented in society. They make customers feel valued, which can lead to retention, referrals, and of course, profits. Rewarding consumers can help distinguish you from other competitors, so it’s an excellent strategy to consider. Self-employed professionals and small-to-medium businesses can truly benefit from this approach and should include it as part of their development efforts.

Include Gift Cards in Your Marketing Strategy

Most businesses nowadays have an online presence and use it for marketing purposes. As we discussed recently, this process can be harmonized and optimized rather simply if done strategically. Since consumers respond well to images and videos with compelling messaging, craft captivating visuals and do so consistently. To really make an impact, clearly state that you reward people with gift cards for certain behaviours, such as sharing contest posts or being loyal customers. By doing so, you’ll build hype around your brand!

Reward Clients With Something They Want or Need

If you’re a self-employed professional or a small-to-medium business, nurture existing relationships with gift cards. For example, realtors can treat their clients to a celebratory dinner after the sale of a property or offer a home improvement card to those who have just bought one. Companies of all kinds can also use gift cards to solicit online reviews, either on Google or via their own website, thus boosting their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. No matter the business type, gift cards are a great tool!

Foster Long-Term Relationships

Another good strategy is to reward referrals to keep existing customers happy and coming back. Emphasize this in newsletters, online, and in face-to-face exchanges. You can craft a referral program and advertise it as part of your marketing efforts or maintain an informal approach. When people give you repeat business themselves, reward them again—not just as new clients. Those small attentions are a great return on investment as they generate new clients and development opportunities.

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