4 Ways To Give Gift Cards For-Appreciation Day

As business professionals, we know it’s important to continue engaging with clients even after they’ve completed a transaction. With the plethora of companies on the market, customer loyalty is one of the backbones of success. It’s crucial to repeatedly surface in the collective consciousness to stand out of the masses and stimulate repeat transactions. One of the best ways to do that, while engendering brand attachment, is to thank your clientele in memorable ways. We already know that people love receiving gift cards as a reward, so it’s a given that they are used as a tool for customer appreciation. Here are four ideas on how to effectively accomplish that.

Personalize Gift Card to the Customers’ Interests

People love to be given a choice; it makes them feel valued. A simple way to show your customers you care is by having various gifts cards available as part of your loyalty program. At the moment of offering your rewards, ask your clients what they prefer. This small gesture will reinforce the fact that your company is considerate of each individual’s desires and will leave a lasting imprint. In practice, it won’t change anything to your operational requirements, yet will yield positive results.

Consider Small Denomination Gift Cards

Rewards don’t have to be grandiose to be effective. The physical act of receiving a gift card, even in a small amount, is enough to leave a mark in your customers’ minds. Strategically distribute inexpensive incentives such as $5.00 at Starbucks or $10.00 at Dollarama to achieve this goal. The next time they sip on coffee or buy batteries, your clients will think of your company and be more likely to give you repeat business. As such, the initial investment will be outweighed by future sales.

Choose Discounted Gift Cards

Purchasing your gift card from a distributor distributor is an obvious solution. Not only are they constantly looking for new offerings and can make professional recommendations to purchasing managers, they also negotiate deals with retailers to offer important rebates. To get the most bang for your buck, choose discounted gift cards. In doing so, you’ll save money and optimize your rewards program.

Think Outside the Box

Use gift cards as an easy way to connect, in a meaningful way, with customers at any stage of your omnichannel marketing funnel. Instead of exclusively offering gift cards in exchange for accumulated points, why not get creative!?! You could randomly reward clients as soon as they physically walk into your brick-and-mortar store, even before they make a purchase or you could mail out surprise gift cards, just because. The options are endless and all point in one direction: your company!

So, how will you bring innovation to your customer appreciation efforts? As we’ve just seen, it’s simple and effective. Contact us today and help boost your competitive edge—you won’t regret it!