Gift Cards: The Best Reward for Employees During the Holidays

Christmas themed zoom meeting

With the holidays around the corner, now’s the time for companies to show their teams a big ol’ dose of appreciation. After the year we’ve just had collectively, it’s extra important for management teams to showcase their employees’ hard work and reward them a little (or a lot). We’ve often talked about gift cards being the best type of reward in the workplace. Employees love receiving them more than any other type of gift and the holiday season is no exception. In fact, our data shows they are most popular this time of year! Here are a few reasons why opting for gift cards is the best and most convenient solution.

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2020 Holiday Gift Card Guide for Companies

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time for company leaders to craft their gifting strategies while adapting to unusual and trying times. Deep-rooted traditions have never been so profoundly shaken and the season of giving won’t be any different. With a high percentage of people working remotely or self-isolating for safety reasons, habitual office potlucks or happy hour mingles with clients won’t be possible this year.

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How to Use Gift Card Rewards to Regain and Retain Customers

Many businesses have been hit hard this year. As marketing teams scramble to develop effective COVID-19 strategies, the marketplace is inundated with various consumer promotions. Competitors all equally attempt to recoup losses incurred during the crisis while trying to stand out. Studies show that reward-based promotions, which encourage purchases or action, outperform discount-based promotions, which reduce spending at point of purchase. A great way to engage with lost customers or to stimulate brand fidelity is to reward clients with gift cards.

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