Gift Cards: The Best Reward for Employees During the Holidays

Christmas themed zoom meeting

With the holidays around the corner, now’s the time for companies to show their teams a big ol’ dose of appreciation. After the year we’ve just had collectively, it’s extra important for management teams to showcase their employees’ hard work and reward them a little (or a lot). We’ve often talked about gift cards being the best type of reward in the workplace. Employees love receiving them more than any other type of gift and the holiday season is no exception. In fact, our data shows they are most popular this time of year! Here are a few reasons why opting for gift cards is the best and most convenient solution.

Gift Cards Are Versatile

No one company is the same. Businesses of all sectors and sizes require convenient and adaptable gifting options to suit their needs. Some may have staff spread across multiple locations throughout Canada, while others may need to cater to very large basins of employees. Additionally, COVID-19 has forced most companies to reinvent their standard operating procedures, adding a very real element of distance and remoteness to many workplace environments. As such, management teams have to consider a plethora of elements in their gift-giving strategies this year, more than ever. Our 2020 Holiday Gift Card Guide for Companies is designed to help decision makers navigate this process with ease. Because gift cards are so versatile, there is a tailored solution for everyone.

The Holidays Are Synonymous With Gift Giving

Culturally, people expect gifts during the holiday season. It’s quite simply part of deeply engrained traditions and workplaces are no different. Few are the companies who don’t adhere to these societal norms. Unfortunately, many common rituals such as office parties and secret Santa practices won’t be applicable this year because of the sanitary crisis. More than ever, companies will be expected to reward their staff to keep certain elements of tradition alive. But overall, it’s a nice gesture that can boost morale and show employees that their efforts are valued and noticed. And since gift cards are what people really want, it’s a safe and relevant choice.

We invite you to create a free Gift Card Warehouse account today, to craft your perfect holiday gift-giving program. Of course, our dedicated staff is always available to support and counsel you and can fulfill your orders until Thursday, December 17, 2020. We wish you all a happy, healthy and recharging holiday season!