Employee Appreciation Day Gift Card Ideas

Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation Day! A perfect time to strengthen the bond between employers and their teams, this unofficial holiday holds space for companies to underline everyone’s hard work. As we’ve previously discussed, gift cards are the most desirable form of reward or incentive. Here are some additional ways to tailor the gift card giving experience to optimize its effects on illustrating an employer’s appreciation for their employees.

Choose the Right Gift Cards

Make sure to match your business goals and existing appreciation program structure by selecting gift cards that fit. By remaining consistent in your methods, employees will connect to your efforts and have a clear vision of workplace practices. It’s well documented that organizational culture is crucial to solidify the values of a company and how employees align with them. It’s also a pillar of talent retention as team members feel a sense of belonging, which in turn boosts brand identity. It’s a win-win for all.

If you already have an established wellness program, gifts cards to Sport Chek or The Running Room are a lovely way to reinforce your commitment to a healthy lifestyle for your staff. If unwinding and creating lasting memories are the focus of your company’s work-life balance values, why not offer an evening of great eats at Milestones or a night in a Fairmont Hotel ? Catch-all gift cards like or Walmart can also hit the mark, especially in workplaces that comprise millennials.

Personalize the Gift Cards

A little personalization goes a long way! As the competition for talent escalates in today’s market, how organizations value their employees is tremendous. A recent study concludes that the best approach for a manager or company to engage team members in producing great work is through personal recognition.

Adjoining a thoughtful note along with a gift card is a simple yet powerful method. By mentioning the specific achievements someone has made, it reinforces their worth in the workplace. Creating team-building events or in-person meetings with the distribution of rewards can also add a much-appreciated human touch to the experience. By fostering a collective buzz surrounding recognition, employees build a greater sense of security in their value to the company, motivating them to thrive.

Give Physical Gift Cards

Just as getting a letter in the mail feels special, so does receiving a gift card. In this fast-paced modern era, human interactions have been replaced by electronic transactions in so many instances. Employees are bombarded with endless emails on any given day, so a tangible present stands out. It shows the staff that a company cares—that management went through a procurement exercise to acquire the goods. It sends a loud message.

Whether it’s for Employee Appreciation Day or business as usual, obtaining the advice of a knowledgeable gift card distributor is the best way to craft meaningful rewards programs. Gift Card Warehouse has one of Canada’s largest physical gift card selection, making the personalization process seamless, thereby supporting a strong culture of recognition. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!