How HR and Recruiting Experts can Use Gift Cards to Attract Talent

Currently, finding skilled staff to fill various positions is a true challenge for several businesses. As we’ve recently discussed, the workforce is changing, employees are considering leaving their jobs more and more, and the shortage of personnel is affecting companies like never before. Many well-established businesses must modify their operating hours or sometimes even close a few days a week considering this reality. As such, it’s crucial for HR teams and recruiting experts to develop robust hiring strategies to stand out and find candidates. Here are some tips, such as using gift cards, to stand out as an employer.

Share Real Employee Stories

As part of your online marketing strategy, share regular posts with pictures and/or testimonials of your current staff. Demonstrate what your workplace culture is like to the outside world, how inclusive you are, what fun activities you organize, etc. By showcasing the behind the scenes consistently, people will want to work for your brand.

Craft Compelling Job Offers

Attracting skilled workers starts with your advertising process, and there’s a science behind it! As we’ve covered, companies can increase their chances of recruiting more candidates from the onset when they follow certain best practices, such as keeping descriptions concise and professional. Fine-tuning this step can have a resounding effect on talent acquisition, so it’s well worth it.

Include Gift Cards in the Selection Process

Adding gift cards to your hiring practices can REALLY make you stand out as an employer. They can be incorporated at various stages of the process, making them a versatile tool. You could offer them to anyone who applies (assuming they qualify for the position), to interviewees, or to new team members on their first day. No matter the option you choose, adding this component to your HR strategy is a great return on investment. After all, you’re only as strong as your workforce!

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