3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Corporate Swag with Gift Cards

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Gone are the days of corporate swag! Society has changed, creating a new generation of employees, partners and customers who favour practical and personalized gifts or rewards. Instead of using your recognition budget on overpriced mugs and pens, consider gift cards. Over 43% of Canadians prefer receiving them compared to any other form of reward, so they’re a wise choice. Here’s why corporate swag isn’t your best option in today’s landscape.

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Grow Your Business Using Gift Cards

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It’s proven—people love gift cards! In Canada, the industry is expected to experience steady growth in the medium term, driven by consumer confidence and retail spending along with heightened corporate incentive and loyalty programs. Over 43% of Canadians prefer receiving gift cards compared to any other form of reward, and gift card adoption in certain sectors is set to increase as companies leverage them to attract patrons. Here are some ways to use them to your advantage!

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Support Your People for Back to School

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Back-to-school is just around the corner. Now’s the perfect time to place a large gift card order to help your employees, clients, donors or other recipients. Whether you’re a company, a non-for-profit organization or run a government program, supporting your people during this time will ease their burden and make back-to-school lighter. Of course, caregivers will need various items for kids, teens and young adults alike, so equip them with these types of gift cards and lend a hand!

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Boost Employee Happiness – Celebrate Your Teams

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In the past 20 years, workplace customs have changed entirely. Talent acquisition and employee retention are at the forefront of human resources priorities as organizational loyalty consistently dwindles down. Years of service rewards programs that used to be relevant have essentially become obsolete, as the average tenure for salaried employees is of about four years, with older individuals typically staying longer than their younger counterparts. As such, management teams must rethink their strategies from the onset and gift cards are the best solution to keep the workforce happy.

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Why Loyalty Programs Work (and How to Implement One)

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Loyalty programs are popular and well implemented in society. They make customers feel valued, which can lead to retention, referrals, and of course, profits. Rewarding consumers can help distinguish you from other competitors, so it’s an excellent strategy to consider. Self-employed professionals and small-to-medium businesses can truly benefit from this approach and should include it as part of their development efforts.

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How HR and Recruiting Experts can Use Gift Cards to Attract Talent

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Currently, finding skilled staff to fill various positions is a true challenge for several businesses. As we’ve recently discussed, the workforce is changing, employees are considering leaving their jobs more and more, and the shortage of personnel is affecting companies like never before. Many well-established businesses must modify their operating hours or sometimes even close a few days a week considering this reality. As such, it’s crucial for HR teams and recruiting experts to develop robust hiring strategies to stand out and find candidates. Here are some tips, such as using gift cards, to stand out as an employer.

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